Social Innovation

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Who are we?

“A social innovation is a new idea, approach or intervention, a new service, a new product or a new law, a new type of organization that offers more adequate and lasting solutions than existing ones to a well-defined social need, a solution that has been embraced by an institution, an organisation or a community and that leads to measurable benefits for the community at large and not only for certain individuals. The range of a social innovation is transforming and systemic. It continues, through its inherent creativity, to create a break with the status quo.” – RQIS

Professor working with challenged children

La Cité’s professors innovate daily in the way they teach students to prepare them for a constantly-evolving job market.

Regular contact with employers and members of the community allow them to stay informed on what is going on in their sector.

Certain initiatives developed and realized in partnership with the community have direct impacts, which can be studied by social innovation research projects.


In 2015, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) launched the Community and College Social Innovation Fund.

Through this initiative, La Cité, in collaboration with the Association pour l’intégration sociale (Association for Social Integration – AISO) and the University of Ottawa, got a three-year, $191,731 grant for a collaborative research project.

The partners’ Groupe de recherche sur l’inclusion sociale en Ontario (Research Group on social inclusion in Ontario – GRISO) has the main objective of creating, implementing and evaluating a new practicum aimed at the social integration of persons with an intellectual disability studying in the  Intégration communautaire par l’éducation coopérative (Community Integration through Cooperative Education) program , as well as training students of the Interventions auprès des personnes ayant un handicap (Developmental Services Worker) program.

Professor working with challenged students