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Who are we?

Whatever the specific industry of your business plan, a well-developed marketing plan is absolutely necessary for your business to achieve its strategic and financial objectives.

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Marketing is not about simply increasing demand for your products or services. Marketing is a critical element of your strategic planning. Your business plan must include information on marketing research, the identification of your target consumers and your positioning, your price points, and your distribution strategy.

Marketing expertise will help you make decisions that could improve the performance and profitability of your business project.

The Research and Innovation Office (RIO), in collaboration with faculty and students from the École d’administration, d’hôtellerie et de tourisme (School of Business, Hospitality and Tourism – EAHT), can offer you critical marketing support.

Marketing Plan Development

A marketing plan defines the application of the marketing strategy throughout the various business units, from production to commercialization, over a given timeframe. It mainly serves as a reference for the marketing service tasked with formalizing planning, specifying marketing objectives and contributing to the coordination and follow-up of implementation.

The marketing plan includes an analysis of the current marketing situation, market threats and opportunities, business strength and weaknesses, goals, strategy, and quantified, programmed, budgeted and assigned marketing actions.

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A marketing research project is very important, even crucial, to help you make quick and profitable decisions. Research will help you identify your target clientele and determine your positioning.

Advertising and Media Selection

Selecting media for advertising is a strategic choice. You must choose media that will allow your clients to be more receptive to your message, even media that might surprise your client base, but you must absolutely choose media that will enhance your business’ brand.


Cybermarketing is the fusion of modern communication technology and fundamental marketing principles businesses have always applied. Cybermarketing refers to all web-based business activities, including through mobile devices, aimed at attracting new clients, building current customer loyalty and developing a brand identity.

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Control and Analysis

Marketing functions must be constantly evaluated to confirm performance in regards to achieving strategic and operational objectives. The key is to implement controls and identify performance indicators that will bear witness to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and decisions.