Bio-innovation (TAC-B)

Les étudiants qui travaillent dans le laboratoire bio-innovations

Who are we?

Since 2009, we have developed more than 85 industry and community applied research projects in the fields of red, green, and white biotechnology in Ontario and Western Quebec.

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In 2015, thanks to a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s College and Community Innovation Program (CCI), the Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (TAC-B) was created. Beyond forging applied research partnerships, TAC-B also offers technical support, analysis, process development, training, and networking through diverse federal and provincial financing opportunities to develop industries.

 The Centre, associated with the Bachelors in biotechnology from La Cité, benefits from a skilled workforce as well as high-tech equipment in molecular biology and microbiology. These resources are made available to SMEs to enable the implementation of applied research projects leading to the creation of new products or processes or the optimization of existing technologies in the agri-food, human and animal health as well as industrial and environmental sectors.


The Centre, connected to the College’s Bachelor of Biotechnology program, can count on expert staff, cutting-edge equipment and financial support opportunities. Small and medium businesses can benefit from these resources to implement applied research projects leading to the development of new products or processes or the optimization of existing technology.


Scientific excellence, professionalism and collaboration.

Our Equipment

Our specialized equipment can help your research projects become a reality

A Multidisciplinary Environment

The TAC-B team is made up of researchers, technologists and students offering vast expertise in four sectors:

  • Biotechnology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Bioprocess

Areas of Expertise



Ingredient stability, food product optimization (animal and human food), nutritional characterization (proteins, lipids, amino-acids, sugars, vitamins, etc.)

Bioprocesses and environment

Bioprocesses and environment

Optimization of bacterial system, yeast and bacteriophage (lytic and lysogens) production process, production and purification of recombinant protein, development of fertilizing products and biological control of harmful organisms.»

Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering

Characterization and genotyping of cultivars, development of kits to detect DNA markers (human, animal and vegetable)

Cosmetics and biopharmaceuticals products

Cosmetics and biopharmaceuticals products

Development of drugs delivery mechanisms, extraction of medicinal compounds and support to the development of naturel product.

Analytical services

Analytical services

Gene detection, small molecules detection (pesticides, mycotoxins, etc.) and aromatic profiling (terpenes, tannins, esters, etc.)

TAC-B Team

Support Canadian businesses’ economic development and technological innovation through research partnerships in bio-innovation, while training a highly-qualified workforce.

  • Nathalie Méthot, Ph.D.


    Research and Innovation Office

  • Cristina Bicu, MBA

    Research Coordinator

    Coordinate the Research and Innovation Office’s administrative and financial activities, organize development, promotion and networking activities, coordinate activities related to the responsible conduct of research.

  • Christine Langlois, M.Sc.


    Planification and coordination of applied research activities in biotechnology and supervision of the technical team.

  • Jean-Louis Michaud Ph.D.

    Researcher and Biotechnology Professor

    Molecular and cell biology, cell culture, genetic engineering techniques, various biochemical analyses.

  • Remy Aubin Ph.D.

    Researcher and Biotechnology Professor

    Molecular Biology, protein and genetic engineering, cell engineering, molecular oncology, genotyping, applied microbiology, bioassay development.

  • Rabah Hammachin Ph.D.

    Researcher and Biotechnology Professor

    Bioprocesses and protein production, organic synthesis, biopolymer development and polymer synthesis.

  • Cyr Lézin-Doumbou Ph.D.

    Researcher and Biotechnology Professor

    Molecular biology, environmental microbiology and phytosanitary control.

  • Roch Brunet

    Research Associate

    Applied research project development and management, coordination of research activities. Molecular biology, agriculture/beekeeping, medical biochemistry

  • Karine Chartrand, M.Sc.

    Research Assistant

    Technical support for projects, student supervision, chemical product management and equipment maintenance.
    Immunology, virology, animal and plant tissue culture, molecular biology.

  • Nimo Elmi

    Administrative Services Officer

    Administrative support and financial management.

    Finances and human resources.