Hemp-based food products at La Cité


Mettrum Originals

Chef Skozewski of La Cité is evaluating a pizza made from hemp

In December 2016, Mettrum Originals approached La Cité’s Research and Innovation Office with the objective of developing innovative recipes using hemp-based food products.

The company has worked in the hemp industry for more than 20 years, growing it for industrial purposes like food, body care products lines, etc. Although hemp plants are from the same species as marijuana, it does not contain hallucinogens. In the early ’90s, Mettrum Originals were the first to create hemp-based products in Canada and have since innovated in a number of ways. Most notably, in introducing hemp-based flour to the bakery industry, and producing Omega 3 dressings. The company is consistently looking to develop new food products and unique recipes using hemp-based flours, cold-pressed oil or hemp seeds.

“We supplied the raw ingredients and La Cité supplied the talented chefs and state of the art culinary facilities,” said Kelly Smith from Mettrum Originals. “We were extremely impressed with the recipes and flavours that the chefs created. Hemp can be difficult to work with, but they continually experimented with formulas until they achieved great tasting and marketable products.”

Participating in this project, were three professors and three students from La Cité who created pizza dough, pasta, ice cream, in addition to cereal and granola bars.

“It was very interesting to use a product that we don’t use every day,” highlighted Andrew Skorzewski, one of the contributing professors. It’s rare that we can work with flour—hemp-based flour—that is a complete protein. Also, because it has its own distinct taste, we completed several trials to find the right balance of flavours.”

New products were sampled at La Cité in March 2017. “The day when we presented these products was an important day,” added Andrew Skorzewski. “Presenting these results to our clients was very interesting. They were very pleased.”

“We would highly recommend this program to any company looking to develop and take new products to the marketplace,” added Kelly Smith. The project was made possible thanks to FedDev Ontario and a financial contribution from the client.