Water Systems Innovation Project


Water Innovation Systems (W.I.S)

Ottawa Water Innovation Systems (W.I.S.) collaborated on an applied research project during the fall of 2016 with a team from La Cité composed of Guy Grimard, Construction Techniques Professor, Nicole Dubois and Jorge Magalhaes, Architectural Technology Professors and one of their students: Evens Monarchill. Sébastien and Alain Marcil of W.I.S. have asked La Cité for support in the development of a new system of clips for baseboards making it easier to clean after water damage for which they hold a patent. The team from La Cité used 3D printing technology to generate functional prototypes for the development of the system. The project included a model, several prototype clips and a written report. The project was funded by the Ontario Centres of Excellence through the Voucher for E-Business and Technology Adoption program, the FedDev Ontario program and the client. The continuation of the project is currently under discussion.

(Photo : From left to right: Guy Grimard, Alain Marcil, Sébastien Marcil, Nicole Dubois et Jorge Magalhaes)

“W.I.S. thanks the La Cité team for their good work. The team provided exceptional service and produced several deliverables for our project. As a result of the work of this dynamic team, we will now be able to proceed to the next step of our project. We wish to have the opportunity to collaborate with La Cité in the near future. Thank you again!”

Sébastien and Alain Marcil,
December 2016