Leading a Parent Workshop – Real-Life Experience

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Centre communautaire Carson

Through collaboration on the Carson Community House Research Project, second-year students from La Cité’s Social Worker Techniques program had to learn to lead two-hour parent workshops. In the course of the research, one group of students out of five learned to lead a workshop for a group of parents from the community. The other four groups lead workshops amongst themselves, playing the role of parents. To ensure quality and standard delivery, the students were all coached by the same professor. A satisfaction survey was prepared and circulated to find out if students felt they had improved their skills more by leading real parents or fellow students. The project allowed students to experience first-hand the difference between the realities of the community and a traditional classroom.

Our collaboration with La Cité has always been very productive and effective in improving our community’s wellbeing. The La Cité interns we welcome are talented and show professionalism that is a testament to the quality of La Cité programs. Without their skill, we would have been unable to survey the needs of the Carson’s community. The study results were very useful and allowed us to become better acquainted with the community’s profile and needs, and thus adapt our programs and services to its realities.

Lauren Touchant

Coordinator, Community Development and Relations, Carson Community House