Development of a chocolate-hazelnut spread

Agri-Food research project at La Cité

Gourmet Family

Two young Ottawa entrepreneurs developed a high-end chocolate and hazelnut spread. Although the product was sought-after by local consumers, the spread lacked stability, with certain ingredients separating over time. To support the business in improving its product, a professor and a student of the Culinary Arts program worked in La Cité’s kitchens to identify the culinary technique that would allow the product to stabilize. Once the optimal recipe was achieved, the clients got to try it out, with the professor, in their own facilities. When the new spread was produced, work continued in the Bio-innovation Technology Access Centre (TAC- B) laboratories to study the product’s lifespan. To this end, pH and water activity measures, as well as microorganism testing were done for the clients.

Our experience with the Bio-innovation Technology Access Centre team was very profitable. The interest they showed in our business, their warmth, their unmatched professionalism and their technological and culinary skills helped us take our product to another level. We are deeply grateful to the whole team!


Marie-Pierre Daigle et Sanita Fejzic,

Gourmet Family